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How do I choose my music?
You can download the current Music List and highlight the songs you would like played, making sure to hand in the list to the DJ at the beginning of the function, along with any CDs you would like played.

How long does the DJ need to setup?
It take 30 minutes from when the DJ arrives to unload and setup to be ready to play.
Does the five hours include setup time?
No, your DJ will setup before the scheduled start time and then play music for five hours or as agreed on your booking confirmation.
What special requirements will the DJ need to setup?
A floor space of approx. 3 x 2 meters, two or more power outlets & a small table is all we need to setup.
Do you carry all songs on the music list?
Do you take requests?
Yes, providing it is in keeping with the style of music being played at any time. If it does not, we will seek your approval to do so or hopefully we may be able to fit it in later. Alternatively, we can stick only to the songs you have selected. The choice is yours.
Can I supply my own music?
Your DJs NOW! DJ will be happy to play any music you provide for the function, just remember to collect all supplied music at the end.
Can we organise more hours of music once the booked timeslot is up?
Sure, just speak to the DJ when it comes close to the end of the booking timeslot.
Do your DJ's act as Master of Ceremonies as well?
Your DJs NOW! DJ can make small announcements throughout the function but if you require an MC please advise us in advance.
Do your DJ's carry a microphone?
Yes, a microphone will be available for speeches and announcements.
When should I pay DJs NOW!?
We appreciate payment at the beginning of the function.

Any tips you can provide to ensure my party goes smoothly?

DJs NOW! Birthday Tips

- Don't leave the speeches too late. The crowd often waits till after the speeches are over to get on the dancefloor but best get them underway early in the night.

- Choose music that not only you like but that you think will keep your guests entertained.

- If you are choosing a venue, keep in mind the approximate number of guests. Too small and guests will feel crammed, too large and the party vibe may be lost. We can discuss your requirements and suggest venues.

- Chairs kill a party! Try not to have too many chairs, this encourages socialising and dancefloor action.
DJs NOW! School Function Tips

- Look into issues regarding ID as some venues may refuse entry for those under 18 years of age.

- Pass the music list around so everyone gets a chance to select some songs they want to hear. You can even supply some of your own original CDs for the DJ to play.
DJs NOW! Corporate Function Tips

- Don't leave it to the last minute to book your DJ for the November / December rush. Industry prices go up for last minute bookings, as there is excessive demand!

- Pass our music list around the office or place on a notice board so everyone can select some songs they like.

- Let us know if there will be more people than first estimated so we can accommodate with extra sound if needed.
DJs NOW! Wedding and Engagement Tips

- Choose music which has meaning to you as a couple e.g. The first time you met.

- Supply a running sheet so our DJ can plan the music programming for the night.

- It's never too early to book. Weddings are complicated events, and the earlier you get organised the better!


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